Check Reddit messages and hot topics from your desktop


  • Check your Reddit messages from your desktop
  • Notifications appear as new messages come in
  • Lists recent hot topics in-app


  • Clicking some links will open a browser window


Oranged is a desktop app that acts as an exclusive Reddit message inbox that runs on the Pokki platform.

If you're the type of person who always gets tons of karma and other messages on Reddit, fear no more about trying to keep up and respond to them all. Oranged lets you keep track of everything right from your desktop.

You can read, respond, and even create your own messages with Oranged in its simple, tabbed interface. In addition to viewing messages and your inbox in general, Oranged also lets you view topics in the "what's hot" tab, although clicking on some links will open a browser window.

Whenever you get a new message, Oranged will notify you so you can keep track of everything immediately, if you so choose. In the world of Reddit, replying quickly (and cleverly!) is a huge advantage to gaining popularity, without question.

Oranged is a great way to keep better track of Reddit messages and hot topics, all from the comfort of your desktop.

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